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Tax Preparation

Tax Agent Registered with the IRS

Professional, Accurate, Affordable, Timely Tax Preparation

File-In person, File Electronically, File Remotely * Accepting Virtual Clients

E-file/Paper-file: State, Federal, Previous and Current Year

Direct Deposit Option, Loan Advancement, Drop-Off Services

Individual Filing, Business Filing, LLCs, S-Corp, 

Meet Your Tax Agent

Mona Epps


Address:                                                        215 E. Arlington Blvd. Suite E Greenville, NC 27858  Office at The PeSuvian Event Venue and Lounge

Vision:                                                            M3 Financial Services provide accurate, timely and  affordable tax preparation. We offer insurance policies that meet your desires and needs that include whole life, term life, annuities, IULs, IRAs/Roth, etc. Our goal is to assist you with financial planning for optimum results.


Early Filing Date:                                           Thursday, January 18, 2024

Referral Bonuses:                                           $50 - $100 per client


Appointments:                                               Scheduled around client's availability (walk-ins welcome) online or contact us at 252.333.8971


Fees may be paid via:                                   Credit/Debit Card, Cashapp, Tax Deduction or Cash


Visit, call or text:                                            215 E. Arlington Blvd. Suite E Greenville, NC 27858; call 252.333.8971 or                                                                                   text 252.333.7961


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