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My Story

I stated this year, the year of 2022, is a year that collaboration shall be employed to help each other be financially stable and debt free. I asked the Creator to show me, tell me and/or give me a message of what I could do to bring this into fruition. I finally heard and saw my divine message. I can’t imagine having such success alone because that has to be lonely. Unfortunately, there are only 23 slots as I meditated on the number of persons to work beside during this workshop. I am not only looking to have this workshop but many more through-out the next 12 months to build comradery and a family bond where consistent abundance is extended to each one of us and our families.

Creating Family Wealth

Invest in Yourself

Invest in yourself by CREATING your online store in 6 weeks in a face to face work-session each week. Assist you in registering your LLC, setting up your website and finally launching your store earning thousands of dollars a month.


Here’s What We Provide

House with Pool


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Make your dreams reality, invest in yourself!

Family at a Beach


Here For You

Plan now for the experiences you want for you and your family!

Online Shopping



Invest your money in yourself and your love ones with the best compound interest your money can receive.

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Invest in you and secure your family at the same time.

Financial Planning: Services
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